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1. Do you stock items?

a. Yes. Most of our factories have stock items to choose from.
b. They are also capable to create a custom item for your individual needs.
c. All orders are "made to order," custom.

2. Can I have a custom item made?

a. Yes. All of our factories are capable to create a custom item for you.
b. We can come up with original concepts made up for you, or you can use your own artwork.
c. We have engineers to make blue prints for you.
d. We can make prototypes for your review.
e. We can make custom tools to create a custom items specially for your needs.

3. Do you have a catalog?

a. We offer an “idea” catalog on our web site for your review.
b. Most items are customized in one way or another, so a typical catalog is difficult to maintain.

4. Can I purchase my goods from point of origin?

a. Yes. Your freight forwarder can pick up directly from our factories.

5. Can you deliver to my warehouse?

a. Yes. We can have our freight forwarders pick up and ship the goods by sea, or by air to any country.
b. We can also clear the goods through customs and have a truck deliver to your warehouse.

6. Do you have offices in the Far East?

a. Yes. Our office and factory network is in the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong and in China.

7. Can you inspect the goods on our behalf?

a. Yes. We inspect each order before, during and after production on site.
b. We have an independent inspector come in and inspect each shipment before shipping. This report is available for your review before we release the goods.

8. What Quality Control (QC) procedures do your factories have?

a. We inspect all raw materials coming into the factory. We have QC personnel on the production lines and we inspect after production is complete.

9. What are all the items that you supply?

a. Our product is sourcing.
b. If we do not have a factory making the goods you desire, we find a suitable factory that has passed our audit system.

10. How do you keep you costs low?

a. We do not have a middle man and we do not use trading companies.
b. We go directly to the factory.

11. Are there minimum order quantities ?

a. Yes. The “usual” minimum quantity to order is 10,000 pieces. We deal directly with the factory so we do not carry stock.
b. Each order is a new production run.

Do you have additional questions that we did not answer above? Please click here to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have.


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